Ok... I rode from Los Angeles California to the southern tip of South America, and back. I started out with a friend from Alberta Canada - Larry is a rancher whom I met when I rode to Alaska a few years earlier and had stayed in touch with. He had recently bought a new bike and wanted to go for a ride. So we set our sights on Tierra Del Fuego. But, he had to turn back in Colombia. Then I rode with Brian from England, Patrick from Ireland, and Damon from New Zealand, from Columbia to Santiago Chile. After that, I was on my own.

This was an exciting trip for a number of reasons. It was over 30,000 miles thru Latin America and the Andes mountains, and I didn't speak much Spanish. There was also the small detail of the Darien Gap. And, then there was "Death Road" in Bolivia - supposedly the most dangerous road in the world.

Anyway, I blogged about the entire journey right here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Good luck, bad luck, who knows?

Well, remember how lucky I was to find the sprocket I needed in Mexico when I couldn’t find it anywhere else? Well… turns out that maybe I wasn’t quite as lucky as I thought.  The Yamaha sprocket I found, that seemed to fit my bike perfectly, was actually thinner than the Suzuki sprocket for my bike.  And, it sorta ruined the countershaft - the part that the sprocket fits on.  So… I’m now holed up in Quito Ecuador, hoping to find the new part without having to order it - which would take 3 weeks.  And, replacing the part requires the engine to be removed from the bike and completely disassembled! Yup! Luckily : ) in Ecuador the U.S. dollar is very strong.  In fact they don’t have their own currency.  They have been using the U.S. dollar since the 90’s.  So, the labor to do the work will be very cheap.  And anything that is made here is very inexpensive compared to the U.S.  Gas is $2 a gallon and I just had a complete dinner for $1.  If I gotta be stuck somewhere for a while this is a pretty good spot to be stuck. 

On my way here, I spent a couple days in Otavalo Ecuador at a really nice hostel (Rose Cottage) up on a hillside with a really incredible view and a very serene atmosphere which helped me forget about my bike problems for a while.  Anyway, here are some pics I took over the past few days.


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  1. Hi Andy, I want to first wish you another year clean. Sorry I'm alittle late. The pictures of the hostel is pretty neat. I was doing my panel Sun. and telling the guys about you and the freedom you get from being clean.The country side is really beautiful. I guess the roads and trail canbe a challenge.
    We're getting alot of rain, the last six days have been wet and we'er getting a big storm tonight. The photos are great keep them cominng. Good luck on your present challenge. Becareful, Glenn