Ok... I rode from Los Angeles California to the southern tip of South America, and back. I started out with a friend from Alberta Canada - Larry is a rancher whom I met when I rode to Alaska a few years earlier and had stayed in touch with. He had recently bought a new bike and wanted to go for a ride. So we set our sights on Tierra Del Fuego. But, he had to turn back in Colombia. Then I rode with Brian from England, Patrick from Ireland, and Damon from New Zealand, from Columbia to Santiago Chile. After that, I was on my own.

This was an exciting trip for a number of reasons. It was over 30,000 miles thru Latin America and the Andes mountains, and I didn't speak much Spanish. There was also the small detail of the Darien Gap. And, then there was "Death Road" in Bolivia - supposedly the most dangerous road in the world.

Anyway, I blogged about the entire journey right here.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iguazu Falls

I finally left Buenos Aires, heading north for the world famous Iguazu Falls.  On my way I was stopped at a Federal Police checkpoint where they fleeced me for about $150 (US) for driving with my headlight off, during the day!  The ticket was supposedly $400 and according to the officer, I could not appear in court to take care of the fine - I had to pay THEM, right THEN and THERE.  But they found it in their corrupt little hearts to charge me less than the full amount.  Only after threatening to keep my bike until I paid the full amount and me refusing to pay any more than the cash I had at hand - I was just about ready to walk away and let them have the bike.  I’m still ticked off about the $150 dollars.  The next day I was stopped at another checkpoint where they attempted to fleece me again! But, I wasn’t playing this time.  I was cordial at first and slowly worked my way up to stark raving mad! They walked thru the same steps from the day before: ask for my documents, check my lights. My headlight looked like it wasn’t working when looking at it from an angle but it was working and you could see it if you looked strait on.  But the officer was not seeing it.  About then I started seeing red.  Angry colorful language began to flow from my lip.  I doubt they understood exactly what I was saying but I am absolutely positive they knew that I was pissed off.  By now my documents had been handed off to the head guy, just like the day before.  His next move would surely have been to take me to their little office and tell me how much the ticket would be.  But, I was done playing!  I snatched my documents right out of his hands!  “GIVE ME THAT!!!”  I walked over to my bike, put my documents in my pack, and rode away.  Bear in mind that there were about 10 Police Officers in the immediate area.  I looked into my mirror as I rode off and no one tried to follow me.  Perhaps my actions had taken them by surprise or perhaps they just weren’t going to bother with me.  I don’t know!  And I don’t care!

Anyway I made it to Puerto Iguazu a day before the start of a big motorcycle rally.  So, I saw the falls and stayed a couple more days for the rally.

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